Drake, where for art thou?

In the era of social media, we’ve become more accustomed to rappers airing their dislike for one another with mean tweets and cheeky Instagram posts.

A good old-fashioned rap beef only ever comes around once in a blue moon. So when that blue moon rose and shone it’s light over the on going war of words between Drake and Pusha T, rap junkies the world over were excited to hear the latest instalment.

On May 25th Pusha released Daytona, the much anticipated album that contained the track ‘Infrared’, upon which he took a number of shots at Drake for not writing his own lyrics and even name dropped Quentin Miller, Drake’s alleged ghostwriter.

Not being one to back down from an old foe (or so we thought), Drake responded with the Duppy Freestyle, where he aimed and fired at Pusha T and Kanye West. Two birds with one stone, why not? He took digs at Pusha for being a rapper over 40 and told him he didn’t make the top 5 most talented artists on his label.

And with that, social media went berserk. We all played Devils advocate, declared Drake the winner, and questioned whether Pusha could even go toe-to-toe with the self proclaimed Six God.

And then a couple of days later….it came. ‘The Story of Adidion’, Pusha T’s scathing response. Over the recognisable beat from Jay Z’s ‘Story of O.J’, Pusha spilt the tea on Drake’s personal life. He let us know about Drake’s parent’s failed marriage which led to his father Dennis leaving the family home when Drizzy was just 5 years old. He went on to talk about Drake’s alleged secret son Adonis with former adult movie star Sophie Brussaux. Pusha then took a jab Noah Shebib a.k.a ’40’, Drake’s long-time friend and producer, who is currently fighting the good fight against multiple sclerosis, and questioned how much life he had left in him due to the disease. Too far perhaps? And to add insult to injury, the track was accompanied by a photo of a young Drake in Blackface and wearing clothing with a printed illustration of the Jim Crow persona. Pusha certainly did all of his homework on Drake.

Needless to say, Twitter and Instagram fell apart! The Photoshop wizards were out in full force and wasted no time flooding social feeds with an onslaught of memes depicting Drake’s sudden fall from the rostrum. What a fickle bunch we are.

But if there is one thing we thought we could count on, it was another quick-witted response from our favourite Canadian rhyme-slinger.

Yet here we are. Seven days later, and the only thing the world has seen from Drake is in the form of an official statement attempting to justify his appearance in the ‘blacked up’ photo.

Considering the pace at which most rap battles seem to develop, a whole week without a response is far too long.

Has Drake thrown in the towel? Or is he cooking up something so damn good that this agonising wait for a response won’t mean a thing when we eventually hear it?

C’mon Drake. Don’t let us down.